Mangoes - 2 count

Mangoes - 2 count
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Sold by 2-count pack. This product is sourced from a Spray Free Farm. 

Background and Usage: Mangoes are native to India. Mangoes have been cultivated for more than 4,000 years. The tree is related to the pistachio and cashew and grows to an average of 50 feet in height. Keep unripe mangoes at room temperature to ripen, which may take up to 1 week. A paper bag might help them ripen sooner, but they will not ripen at temperatures below 55 degrees F. Mangoes can be used in Ice Creams, Smoothies, Yogurt, Cakes and Deserts. Raw mangoes are specially used in Dals, Chutneys/Pickles/Relishes, and Sauces. Some dry mangoes and candy those. Mangoes are delicious whichever form they are in and can be eaten as is. 

Nutritional Information: Mangoes are also a great source of vitamins C and E, which are powerful antioxidants right along with vitamin A. The vitamin C content of mangoes is very high, with one cup of sliced mango delivering 45 mg, which is over 70 percent of the RDA. The vitamin E content is 1.8 mg--almost 10 percent of the RDA.

Note: When Mangoes are unavailable in season, we may substitute with another  tropical fruit. 

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