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We know that a little bit of the finest spice, relish or pickle can really add that great finishing touch in your dishes. Stay tuned!

Enjoy Suji-fresh branded fresh Pickles & Relishes (spicy and non-spicy versions) made from Organic/Spray-free seasonal produce locally grown and made. 

  Spice up your dishes with a variety of  Suji-fresh branded spices and spice mixtures and enjoy delicious meals!

   Enjoy Suji-fresh branded variety of Pasta sauces, vegan/vegetarian meal-kits and many more exciting products. All made with Organic and spray free ingredients. 

Choose from a variety of accessories including Bags, Mugs, Thermos, T-shirts, Caps, Aprons, Key chains, Nature Paintings and many more - all Suji Fresh branded.

Many specialty food items like Organic Raw Honey, Special Organic oils etc.