About Us

A picturesque sunrise over a vast field, corn stalks glisten with the fresh morning dew. Family gathering together to tend the crops without a concern of what underlying risks lay apparent. Water shortages and drought were enough to keep farmers up at night but as time passed a new threat has cast a shadow over the fields. Pesticides, fungicides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are now a concern with every crop that is harvested. It is now a privilege to have fruits and vegetables grown in the best possible format something that was natural in the past. We at Suji Fresh want to bring back that experience and that quality to you.

Mission Statement:

Mission of Suji Fresh is to nourish the world with pure and healthy food, while supporting both the soul and earth. We will serve as an equalizer and enabler for people of all segments and backgrounds to experience wholesome and healthy food thus improving the quality of our lives.

Why Suji Fresh?

Farm-to-Table Model

No Spray Farming

Zero waste Model

Competitive pricing

Guaranteed Delivery


  • Farm-to-Table Model: 95% of our products come from local farms with minimal distance traveled and minimally processed before it reaches your table.
  • Unique Brand:

    • All of our products are Organically farmed with many products sourced from Organic Certified farms as well. Anything listed as "organic" on our website is sourced from an Organic certified farm. All products listed as "regular" are actually organically grown - chemical free but not certified by USDA.
    • Free of Pesticides, Fungicides, and other non-organic fertilizers
    • All products sold are grown from Non GMO seeds.
    • Visually inspected for best quality
    • Stored at the right temperatures to preserve freshness of all products
  • Robust and Easy-to-use Platform: Robust and easy to use Website for vendors and end-customers. We are working on Mobile and App to release in the near future.
  • Big Data Analytics for Consumables: Data-driven intelligence leading to operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and high-quality produce.
  • Zero waste model with Multi-Channel Sales approach: Primary Direct-To- Customer sales, Secondary markets such as restaurants or grocery Sales, Donation to food banks etc. Anything that is deemed inedible will be made into nutrient rich Organic compost (Black Gold) for Suji Fresh farms
  • Competitive pricing: Below or matching with other big-brand Stores for most products for both Organic and Regular products.
  • Guaranteed Delivery promise: All orders are guaranteed to be delivered by the promise delivery window. In case of any failures, customers will be offered substitutes and appropriate refunds.

What is Suji Fresh and What it's NOT?

  • Suji Fresh is a Farm-to-Table business model.
  • Most Products come directly from the farm to home with minimal processing. Some aggregation will take place before products are delivered to the customer.
  • Suji Fresh is an environmentally conscious company. We are committed to reducing carbon foot print by:
    • Leveraging environmentally responsible packaging material (minimal usage of plastic where possible)
    • Local Delivery only model. No Interstate shipping. All delivery happens locally.
  • It is NOT a meal-Kit delivery as of now. We deliver fresh produce and products to your door not a meal-kit. We offer several delicious free recipes on our site to give you creative ideas around how to use the products you buy on Suji Fresh site. Check out our Recipes Site here to learn and cook delicious healthy recipes.

Images of Suji Fresh:

Suji Fresh Pillars:

All products sold on Suji Fresh website are first quality products carefully chosen from Suji Fresh farm & our partners. Everything comes from local farms to provide the best quality farm-to-table experience.

Locally Grown • No Spray Farming • Organic or Non-GMO seeds • Farm-Fresh Selection • Affordability • High-Quality

*Many of our products are sourced from Organic certified farms.