Farmer Connection

By forming alliances with the local Organic farmers, we deliver the finest possible Organic produce to the customer door or to their offices. It's an easy way to enjoy local, organic, spray-free produce. We source 95% of our products from the local farmers or from our own local farm throughout the season. Our harvest-to-delivery times traditionally have been less than 18-hours, which means you are getting the freshest possible produce that you have. Some Greens are harvested just an hour before the delivery begins. Credit goes to all our farmers and their diligence to truly make it a Farm-to-Table model. 

All products sold on Suji Fresh site is grown using Organic farming practices. Some farmers are Organic certified and some don't bother to get the certification as it can be a time-consuming process.

Just because season finishes doesn't mean our customers stop eating! Part of Suji Fresh's experience is to balance the need of local vs. convenience of getting the Fresh Produce all year long from us. Hence, we work with nearby state farmers and distributors of Organic food to fill the gaps. We continue to provide the freshest possible food all year long while maintaining the harvest-to-delivery times to be minimal at all times. You can rely on Suji Fresh to get your Organic Bananas, Oranges, and Lemons and other Organic fresh produce all year long. We are a 24/7 365-day Operation hard at work along with the farmer community.

If you are an Organic farmer in the local area or from a near by state, we would love to talk to you and work with you! Please reach out to us at to find out how we can partner to feed the finest Organic produce to our customers. For us, there is nothing more exciting than a community thriving on good food, great health, and prosperity!

Healthy food for one and all!!