Featured Farmer

Featured Farmer: Zsofia Pasztor

This quarter's featured farmer is Zsofia Pasztor. She is the founder of Farmer Frog. Farmer frog is based in Puget Sound area in the state of WA.

Zsofia has observed that when people grow food together, they improve their sense of community as well as their health. Across generations, everyone can participate in food production. Zsofia is concerned about children who may face preventable, lifestyle- and diet-related diseases. In addition to being an avid farmer, Zsofia teaches restoration horticulture, urban agriculture, and low impact development (LID) at Edmonds Community College. She also teaches sustainable site management internationally through several non-profit organizations.

Zsofia was born and raised in Hungary. She and her husband, Zsolt Pasztor left Hungary in 1987 and spent almost two years in a United Nations refugee camp before the United States brought them to Denver. The high desert was not green enough for them, so in 1990 they moved to Washington State. They have four children.

What does Zsofia do for fun? “I really do garden for fun,” she says, “and my ideal vacation is to stay at home with just the family and do nothing.”

Zsofia is a certified Permaculture Designer, Horticulturist, and Commercial Urban Agriculturist. She is a key adviser and partner for Suji Fresh in enabling the Farm-to-Table Model.

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