Ordering FAQ

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1. How do I place an Order?

Ordering is easy with us. Just place the items you want into the shopping card and then check out.

Step 1: Add Items to Your Shopping Cart

When you're ready to purchase an item, click the "Add To Cart" button. You will see a confirmation of the item added along with your cart subtotal. You can start checking out or continue shopping by selecting from the options on the right of the confirmation page. While you're shopping, you can access your shopping cart anytime by clicking the orange shopping cart icon at the top of any page.

Step 2: Proceed to Checkout

Once all the items you want to buy are in your shopping cart, click "Checkout" to complete your order. Our checkout process is simple and fast.

2. How do I get my Order Invoice?

When you place an order on Sujifresh, you will receive your invoice to the email address you have provided us during your registration process. 

3. I am a first-time customer. Please help me understand how does Suji Fresh process works?

Suji Fresh is an Online store that sells Organic fresh produce or products company. All our Fresh produce comes from locally grown farms to your home with very minimal processing or aggregation. Our harvest-to-delivery time is typically less than 18hrs depending on the delivery start times. When we say "Fresh" we mean fresh! 

To know more about us and how it works, please view About Us page and How It Works page on our website. 

4. What payment methods are accepted on Suji Fresh site?

Suji Fresh accepts Google Pay and Credit Card payments. We use Shopify as Payment Gateway. We DO NOT store your credit card information on our servers for security reasons. All that information is stored and handled by the Payment Gateway provider Shopify. 

To know more payment methods and managing payment methods, please check out Payment Method page on our site. 

5. How is Sales Tax calculated?

In compliance with the US Tax laws, we do not charge Sales Tax on fresh produce (Ex: Vegetables, Fruits, Greens, and Edible Flowers). Any products that involve manufacturing, handling, or requiring Services will be charged Sales Tax. The amount of Sales Tax depends on various factors depending on your zip code (factoring State and County). There may be Sales Tax on Delivery services in some zip codes. 

6. How do I track my Order?

There are multiple ways Suji Fresh provides you up-to-date information on your order. We send Order Confirmation, Delivery Confirmation, and other order status related emails. You can also view Order History  page after logging in to view your Order statuses of your Orders. 

7. How do I use a Suji Fresh Coupon Code?

Redeeming a coupon code on Suji Fresh site is very simple. Add your items to your Shopping cart by clicking on "Add to Cart" button either in Product Listing Page or Product Detail Page.  Then, click on the Shopping Cart button on the top right corner of the page. This allows you to see all the items in your virtual Shopping Cart, which you can edit until you place the order. When you’re ready to checkout, click on the “Check Out" button on the Shopping Cart page. 

The checkout page will show you a summary of your order, shipping address, and payment info. Enter the coupon code into "Discount" Text Box on the right side of the checkout page and then click on “Apply". If the code is valid, it will automatically apply to your order, which will refresh and show the new total. If there is an error with the code, however, a message will appear informing you the code is invalid.

8. Does Suji Fresh accepts returns?

We do not accept returns. However, we offer refunds on a case-by-case scenario where you receive our products damaged. Also, if we are unable to fulfill a product, we offer substitutes of equal or greater value or provide refunds. At Suji Fresh, we strive hard to provide you with highest quality products and best experiences end-to-end. 

9. How does Suji Fresh ensure that all products are Organic-Certified or Spray-free?

When you place an order on Sujifresh, we want you to feel assured that every product you are buying is Organic-certified or Organically grown (without the use of pesticides or any chemical sprays). We request all our partners/farmers to provide proof of no-spray or Organic certification if we source a product. All invoices or certifications from all our partners/farmers are saved for USDA or Dept of Agriculture WA inspection purposes. We will do everything we can to ensure that we are providing highest quality produce while providing great value for your money. 

Any questions not answered here, please email support@sujifresh.com.