Payment Method

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  • Which Payment Gateway does Suji Fresh uses?

    We are powered by Shopify Payment Gateway. Click here to get redirected to Shopify Payment.

  • Which credit cards are accepted to make purchases on Suji Fresh?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard , and American Express Credit cards in United States.

  • What information is saved in Shopify Payments?

    Only your shipping details and payment information are stored and encrypted on Shopify’s PCI compliant servers.

  • Does Suji Fresh has access to my saved payment information?

    Suji Fresh does not have access your Payment Information. As a Shopify Merchant, we are plugged into Shopify Payment Engine. Information moves from Shopify environment directly to the payment network Shopify uses to complete the transaction.

  • What is the Method to Opt out/delete my Payment Information?

    You can opt out of Shopify Pay’s accelerated checkout feature at any time. When you opt out, all of your saved information will be deleted.

 Shopify Payment Link:  Click here to get redirected to Shopify Payment.