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1. What are the delivery costs?

Suji Fresh charges $5.99 flat delivery fee for all orders. Orders of $50 or over are free of cost to deliver. There is no shipping involved. Given all products are locally grown, Suji Fresh delivers to our customers directly from the farm to the customer door step with very minimal aggregation at our processing center. Given there are no other third-party carriers involved, Suji Fresh is fully responsible for farm-to-table end-to-end experience.

2. What zip codes does Suji Fresh deliver to?

Currently, we are delivering to more than 80+ zip codes in the Greater Seattle Area in the state of WA. We are constantly expanding our delivery zip codes. If you want to find out if your zip code is being serviced or not, check out Delivery Locations page of our site. You will also be able to view the delivery map.

3. How frequently Suji Fresh delivers and what is the delivery window?

During the pilot period, we deliver 3 times a week on  Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 5AM - 7PM PST window. In the future, we plan to expand our delivery services to 5 days a week in certain areas. 

Delivery Window:

Mondays:  5AM - 7PM PST
Fridays:     5AM - 7PM PST
Saturdays: 5AM - 7PM PST

4. Does Suji Fresh allow customers to pick up their Orders at selected sites?

Currently, we are online store only without pickup locations. We deliver to the customer door step. However, if there is a lot of interest from our customers to see pick-up points enabled, we are considering offering pickups at Microsoft and few other selected sites. If you are interested in getting your deliveries to work place for discounted prices, please email us at

5. What do I do if I am missing my delivery?

Please report any missing deliveries to Our delivery staff takes pictures of deliveries and upload to the site for visual confirmation. Any discrepancies can be resolved based on this data. 

Any questions not answered here, please email