Drink in Your Summer!

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Drink in Your Summer!

As I sat contemplating ideas for the blog, I was guided to pick up for inspiration, my newest book, “Nutrition and Your Life – An Unconventional Practical Approach”, and open up to whatever page would want to open.  And lo! It opened to the discussion on water. Right then it occurred to me how relevant the topic of water can be considering summer season is here…

Have you like me, also wondered how we not only drink, but also eat water?  Think berries, cherries, melons, grapes, pineapple, squashes, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, etc.  Beverages such as, coconut water, kombucha, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, kefir, and buttermilk also deserve a mention here.  These water- laden foods are certainly hydrating and a welcome addition to our daily diets, especially when the weather is hot outside and we lose fluids through perspiration.  However, not all fluids are necessarily hydrating. Caffeinated beverages, alcohol and sodas are in fact dehydrating.  

Often, we find ourselves desiring cold foods in summer months because the cold temperature feels very soothing to the body. The temperature of the food motivates our choices, more than the degree of hydration it provides.  As long as the choice of beverage is wholesome as well as hydrating, then great: its effect will be soothing both within and without. However, if the choice were nutritionally deficient (and dehydrating) then its soothing effect would be limited to: (a) the eyes that behold the frost on the glass/ can/ bottle; (b) the hands that hold it; (c) the mouth that takes in the drink; and (d) the throat where the cool sensation is finally felt, before it hits the stomach.  After which, such foods have an effect that has less to contribute towards balancing our body’s hydration (and nutrition) needs.

This is not to say that you should never ever enjoy an occasional drink of this nature.  Just make sure that they are crafted with pure ingredients, devoid of artificial sweeteners and colors.  Also, whenever you consume such beverages, make sure to follow it up with an equal amount (or slightly more) of fresh water to compensate for the potential water loss.  

It is also advisable in summer (and other) months to resist the urge to consume icy cold beverages, and stick to cool to room temperature ones.  Icy foods, including ice water can shock your system by constricting blood vessels and this can adversely affect your eyesight, immune function and digestion.  

You will find that as you regularly offer your body nutrient rich and hydrating foods/ drinks this summer, you will notice a considerable reduction in your desire for nutritionally deficient and dehydrating foods/ drinks.  

Just as water, may you flow with ease and grace.  Wishing you a delectable summer!

This blog is authored by Nilanjana Krishnan!

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